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AI-driven Workforce planning & management

Boost profits effortlessly with NymbleUp! Tailor your workforce & inventory based on demand, with our AI-driven tools. Elevate your retail game. Be ahead. Be Nymble!

Our Products

Demand - Driven Workforce Planning

Unlock the power of AI for your retail business with NymbleUp's innovative workforce management software. Seamlessly merging demand prediction, intelligent task allocation, transparent team communication, and pinpoint productivity insights, we're here to redefine your workforce management, ensuring you always stay a step ahead in the dynamic retail landscape.

Demand Forecasting

Predict market needs accurately! Our AI analyzes trends to provide insights that ensure your assets and labour are efficiently utilized and ready to meet customer demands head-on.

Task Scheduling

With our employee scheduling software say goodbye to manual allocations! Automate & optimize tasks, ensuring the right job goes to the right person at the right time. Efficiency reimagined.

Workforce Communication

Bridge the communication gap! Centralized, clear, and real-time updates ensure everyone's on the same page; fostering team synergy.

Productivity Analysis

Dive deep into performance! Get actionable insights on your team's output, identifying areas of excellence and avenues for growth.


Forecast labour demand

Elevate workforce planning with NymbleUP’s workforce management software! Forecast labor demand accurately, optimize hours, and meet KPIs, all while ensuring top-notch service.

Peak Predictor: Stay Ahead of Demand Curves

Predict store peaks and lows with precision. Efficiently deploy staff, upholding service standards, and curbing wasted hours.

Data-Driven Scheduling: From Sales Data to Staffing Excellence

Factor in sales data for precise forecasting. Predict footfalls and sales mix by hour, day, or week, ensuring the right staff deployment.

Skillful Staffing: Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Wastage

Use insights like prep time & footfalls for skilled manpower allocation. Meet KPIs, cut down on overtime, and avoid labor hour wastage.


Create Perfect Schedules in minutes

Our employee scheduling software brings conflict-free scheduling to your fingertips. Craft ideal rosters in moments, powered by NymbleUP's AI.

Seamless Deployment Mechanics

Auto-schedule by skill, function, breaks, and more. Ensure optimal staff allocation while adhering to your budget constraints.

Comprehensive Team & Cost Analysis

View team availability, and handpick apt members. Compare labor costs against vital metrics like transactions or items per hour.

Instant Notification and Dynamic Adjustment

Share schedules instantly via web/app. Unforeseen hiccups? Swiftly find replacements within your chain's locations.


Easy to use Time Clock app

Elevate Time Management with Clock App functionality within NymbleUp’s workforce management software. A swift, intuitive solution ensuring accurate and efficient time-tracking.

Empowered Independent Clock-ins

Enable swift self clock-ins through the app. Team members seamlessly log their work hours, ensuring punctuality and independence.

Proactive Shift Notifications

Stay on top of your shift! Users receive timely reminders as their work hours approach the start and finish lines.

Geo-Intelligent Time Tracking

Ensure presence and punctuality with location-specific rules. Only allow clock-ins when team members are within the store's vicinity.

In-store Kiosk Mode

For those sans smartphones, our Time Clock App adapts. Use dedicated devices in-store, ensuring everyone logs their hours seamlessly.


Incident management for communication, tasks, and timesheets

Streamline Workflows with NymbleUP’s incident management software. A hub for seamless communication, task management, and precise timekeeping.

Swift Scheduling & Task Communication

Onboard our employee scheduling software to seamlessly relay schedules, shift modifications, and tasks. Ensure the entire team stays informed and aligned in real-time.

Comprehensive On-the-Go Oversight

Get real-time insights: from weather to late check-ins. Respond, adjust, and instantly communicate any necessary changes.

Hierarchical Task Delegation & Monitoring

Assign tasks across levels—head office to store. Manage checklists, gauge completion, and gather invaluable team feedback.

Timesheet Precision & Payroll Integration

Accurately log hours with an intuitive system, and sync effortlessly with your payroll software. No fuss, just efficient management.

Our Capabilities

Empowering you with Next-Gen Operational Intelligence

Unleash powerhouse capabilities with NymbleUp’s workforce and incident management software. Dive into our dynamic trio of offerings, designed to reshape demand prediction, ensure timely replenishment, and optimize your workforce planning for unrivaled operational excellence.

Demand Management & Promotion suggestion

Our AI-based sales forecasting and recommendation engine tracks real-time sales with respect to sales forecasts and sales targets.

  • Higher ROI on promotions
  • Real-time campaign creation
  • Consistent Customer experience across all sales channels
  • Cost savings

Predictive Replenishment

Our solution is designed to study various KPIs which can be tailored as per retailer’s operations, ensuring all operational constraints are optimized. Our solution can be easily integrated with your existing ERP/Inventory solution.

  • Dynamic service level at an individual item/category level
  • Efficient inventory management, even at item level
  • Create the right balance between stock-outs and wastage

Workforce Planning

Our predictive workforce planning tool studies your store operations and your customer service guidelines to create a highly accurate schedule to optimize your human resources.

  • Auto allocation of schedules
  • Automated planning of breaks and weekly offs
  • Task assignment
  • Leave management
  • Cluster planning

“ NymbleUp is an AI powered suite of tools that help retailers drive profitability by generating demand, optimizing workforce and inventory “

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Predictive Labour  Planning & Scheduling

In today's rapidly evolving retail landscape, differentiation is key. Whether you're a brick-and-mortar establishment or an e-commerce giant, the convergence of channels necessitates smart tech integration. Customers, equipped with a plethora of purchasing platforms, now demand more. Isn't it time your business rises to meet these elevated expectations?

With NymbleUp's AI platform, tap into the transformative power of data. Drive sales, enhance margins, and optimize labor costs without the need for a complete tech overhaul. Step up to efficient inventory management, bolstered supplier efficiency, and skyrocketing customer loyalty.

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