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Automating key decisions In workforce management

NymbleUp started with a simple, but transformative, idea of automating retail workforce management with AI. An idea that integrated with formidable technologies and emerged as a genuinely innovative solution.

30 %

Reduced wastage

 in aggregate labor and asset wastage

25 %

Accurate forecasting

in demand and sales forecasting accuracy

80 %

Optimized scheduling

in rostering time; benefiting overall planning time

30 %

Accelerated completion

in task completion due to efficient task scheduling

About us

Eliminating traditional Pain points with AI

AI has been a game changer right from the start. Our challenge was to identify its relevance to the process of workforce management in retail.

  • Integration with sales channels
  • Demand forecasting from sales data
  • Intra-workforce communication
  • Workforce performance Analysis

Our Mission

Redefining Workforce Excellence

Our mission is to develop easy-to-deploy, cost-effective business solutions for transforming retail operations.

Our Vision

Empowering Global Businesses

Our vision is to empower retail businesses worldwide with digital tools to overcome the bottlenecks in workforce management—irrespective of rush hours and demand peaks.

Empowering businesses across the globe with the convenience and accuracy of AI in workforce management

Precision in Prediction

Leverage our built-in forecasting engine that discerns sales trends, trend impacts, and event influences for precise demand forecasts.

Business Transformation

Experience significant reductions in labor wastage, improved forecasting, and accelerated task completion.

Future-Ready Solutions

Embrace the next-gen solutions that are built on the insights of today, but are engineered with algorithms & features that remain relevant tomorrow.

Embrace the Future of Workforce Management Today

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